Alvarez Storage From A to Z also offers premium metal garages and carports. All metal structures are framed with superior materials that stand the test of time.  A full range of options and colors are available for all lines.  All pricing includes on-site installation.  The entire location for the structure must be the same grade (level) for installation.

Standard Certified Carports

Engineered for heavy snow, our certified line of carports is rated for 45psf, with units available up to 65psf.  A 12 gauge frame with bows 4′ on center or less and center trusses are standard on all certified models.

Standard Certified Wide Carports

Our snow-ready carports with all the design features in the standard line but available in sizes from 26’x21′ to 30’x50′.

Standard Certified Garages


These one or two door garages range from 12’x21’x8′ to 24’x31’x8′ and feature the same rugged construction as all other certified models.

Commercial Certified Carports/Garages


In sizes from 32’x20′ up to 60’x60′, these buildings are a strong, cost-effective solution for businesses that need reliable protection for their vehicle investment.

For all of our carports and garages, we review the pricing and options with you to be sure that you get just what you want.  No matter what size you need, Alvarez Storage From A to Z will work with you to make sure you get the right carport to fit your car and your budget.