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Portable Storage and Moving 

All of our portable storage lockboxes are 8’x18’ and constructed of durable materials designed to keep your property safe from the elements.

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Rear Facing Door

Rear Facing Door

Container Placement and Orientation

A flat, level area is best when locating your portable storage lockbox onsite. Before delivery, Alvarez Storage From A to Z will confirm which direction you want the entrance to face. The direction the entrance is facing on the truck is the direction it will face when unloaded.

If renting the portable storage lockbox for moving, the door must face the truck.



Rental Pricing Information

$200 plus tax includes delivery, pickup and first month’s rental. Additional months’ rental is $150 per month plus tax. A $5/day plus tax surcharge is applicable for partial month rental beyond the scheduled pickup date.

Packing/Loading Tips

Storage & Loading Tips
Onsite Storage

  1. Please note that the following items may not be placed in the storage portable storage lockbox:
    1. flammable liquids
    2. aerosols
    3. propane, butane or natural gas
    4. medicines
    5. perishable food
  1. Take some time to organize before you load. If there are items you will need to access, be sure that they are loaded last so that you can get to them.
  2. Label all boxes and containers – it will save time when it comes time to unload.
  3. Be sure to drain fluids out of any tools or appliances e.g. empty water from washing machine hoses, oil and gas from lawn mowers, etc.
  4. Larger, heavier items should not be stacked and should be moved in first if possible.
  5. Fragile items should be properly packaged and stored in their own area in the portable storage lockbox, away from traffic or stacked items that might fall.
  6. If the portable storage lockbox is located in direct sunlight, or if you are storing during the winter, determine how best to store items that may be sensitive to heat or cold.


In addition to the items listed above, please keep these tips in mind when packing to move.

  1. Remember that the portable storage lockbox will be tilted significantly while it is loaded onto the truck. Items inside should be packed to allow for a minimum of shifting, similar to loading a moving truck.
  2. Placing all items that will be located in the same room at your destination into the same space within the portable storage lockbox will make unpacking quicker and easier.
  3. Your storage boxes should be securely taped on the top and bottom, and containers should be sealed to prevent their contents from spilling. Only fill boxes to the weight that you can comfortably carry, typically not over 50 pounds.
  4. Dishes and glassware should be individually wrapped with paper. Stemware should have paper both within and around the glass. They should be placed in boxes so that the contents are secure but not too tightly packed, with packing material between the layers. Heavier items such as plates or large bowls should be placed on the bottom of the box.
  5. The drawers of dressers and bureaus can be used for holding items but should not be overloaded.
  6.  You should unload ammunition from any firearms being stored. All firearms should be trigger locked while in storage, and the portable storage lockbox should be locked when not in use.
  7. Canned and dry goods can be stored, taking into account the temperature considerations mentioned earlier. Perishables should not be placed in the portable storage lockbox.
  8. Electronic equipment should be given extra wrapping or packed in its original shipping materials if available.
  9. Appliances, large clocks or other items with moving parts should be moved and stored according to the manufacturer’s recommendations or with professional assistance.
  10. Lamps should have their shade, stem and bulb removed before each is individually wrapped and stored.
  11. Vehicles such as motorcycles, mopeds, snowmobiles or any other engine powered item should be drained of oil and gasoline before being placed in the portable storage lockbox. Vehicle batteries should be disconnected while in storage.
  12. Paintings, framed pictures and mirrors should be individually wrapped and placed on edge in boxes with packing material between them so that the surfaces do not touch. Professional advice should be sought for wrapping oil, watercolor or other paintings that do not have glass. Newspaper should not be used for wrapping paintings or pictures.

Moving Service

In addition to storage cost, each additional pickup and drop off is $200.00 plus tax.

Please note the contents will tip when loading the portable lockbox. Alvarez Storage From A to Z is not responsible for damage to contents during transport.

The Alvarez A to Z Advantage

Flexibility – Extra square footage for your life when and where you need it. Store for extended periods, or move and store at your new location until you’re ready to unload.

Convenience – No need to haul items to a mini-storage or other facility. Your storage space is brought to you and is available 24/7 in your own front yard.

Savings – Alvarez Storage From A to Z offers large units at a great low monthly rate to fit your storage needs and your budget. No hidden pickup charges or fees and low moving rates.

Quality – We put a premium on providing the best service possible. Our portable storage lockboxes are sturdy, reliable and include recycled materials made here in the USA.